Why Are You A Good Candidate To Receive This Award?

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There are many scholarships available for students who want to lower their out-of-pocket expenses for college. However, there are even more students that are trying to earn a scholarship. This means that you must put your best foot forward. I am a great candidate to receive this scholarship because I handle stress well, am capable of academic excellence, and intend to be an asset to the University.

I believe that one of the biggest reasons that students drop out of college or receive poor grades is poor management of stress. For students who cannot handle stress well, college becomes a challenge that they feel they must overcome, rather than a learning experience. My advantage is that I know how to handle stress. I recognize the importance of committing to your studies but also finding time for relaxation to relieve mental stress. My ability to adapt in a life of hardship has helped me develop this skill. Mental relaxation is an important element in being health, regardless of what is going on around you. I believe this makes me a good candidate for this scholarship because I will excel even when college is challenging.

Throughout my middle and high school careers, I have had many instances of my academic success. I received honor roll every quarter, except 3 times in high school when I received merit roll instead. I also received the Presidential Educational Excellence Award in 6th grade, took the SAT in the 8th grade, and excelled on my OGT. In addition to these recognitions, I would say I am an excellent candidate because of my desire to learn. The world is filled with so much knowledge, it would seem impossible that a person could learn every detail. Even so, I love learning new things and expanding my horizons. I plan to continue learning, both the curriculum and on my own, throughout my college career.

There are many problems that we face in the world, from teen pregnancy to pollution to starvation in third-world countries. After earning my writing degree and gaining authority in the writing world, I plan to use my credibility to make a change. I do want to work on having my own writing company, but I also want to publish articles that identify problems of the world and introduce innovative ideas to solve them. I believe that this will represent the university in a good way. I will also support important causes on campus and play my own role in helping keep the university a wonderful learning environment for all students who attend. This includes everything from picking up litter on campus to identifying and helping solve problems that may arise.

There are probably many well-qualified candidates for this award. I believe that my ability to adapt in times of stress, capability for learning excellence, and potential for becoming a college asset make me a choice candidate for this scholarship. Receiving it would contribute to me reaching my goals, both for my education and for the rest of my life.