How Has Your Family Background Affected The Way That You See The World?

Even though my family is not filled with millionaires or celebrities, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. My family background has influenced me a lot through the years and taught me to look at the world through new eyes. This is because my background and experiences have changed the way that I perceive people and situations in the real world. Some of the ways that my family background has affected how I see the world is by teaching me to look at the world compassionately, to do what I can to help others, and to realize my impact on the world around me.

My family had its own share of dysfunctional moments. Some of these moments were worse than others, but all of them left behind plenty of damage. The way that people reacted to my feelings about these situations taught me compassion. A neighbor once took me in for a few hours after a screaming match between my mother and grandmother to help me relax. Instead of judging my situation, she offered me relief. This taught me to look at the world with compassion. You never know what another person may be dealing with that is affecting their day. Instead of judging, it is important to be compassionate and understanding.

One of the most giving people in my family was my grandmother. When we were at her house, she would feed the entire neighborhood of kids. She knew that we lived in a poorer neighborhood and many of the kids only got dinner at home. Instead of buying lunchmeat or cereal, which would have been easy meals, she made chicken drumsticks and macaroni and cheese or other dishes. She did all this hard work because those meals were more affordable and she knew that those kids needed food too. Even when her own family was struggling, she would strive to help others. This taught me that everything in the world is not as it seems and you should always do your part in making it a better place by helping others when you can.

The secrets of my family background have ripped parts of our family apart. I learned that everything in the world has an impact. My aunt and uncle divorced because she was cheating on him. She retained custody of the kids, even though the divorce was her fault. The kids resented her, especially when she moved them out of state where their father could not see them often. She started drinking and got into a car accident, taking the lives of three other people in addition to her own. The kids were glad to be living with their father, but distraught over the loss of their mother. This and other incidents taught me that everything, even my own decisions, can have an impact on the world.

By looking at the world compassionately, helping others, and considering my impact before making decisions, I have perceived the world on my own. My family background has greatly shaped my perception and I can only hope that I will instill the same values on my future children.